More on Designer “Goga by Gordana” featured at Project Ethos

GORDANA GEHLHAUSEN (GOGA), originally from former Yugoslavia, grew up in a small Serbian Village in Bosnia, and knew at a very young age that there was much more to life than raising corn and potatoes. She was always had a creative eye and knitted her first sweater when she was seven years old. However, to fully achieve her goal of designing required taking drastic steps, so she left home at the age of 18 and moved to the Croatian coast. Gehlhausen then found her way farther west ending up in Germany to pursue her college education; graduating in 1988 with a Master’s Degree as a dual major in Sport Education and Linguistics. Life took more unexpected turns and she eventually immigrated to the United States, settling in Atlanta, Georgia. It was there where Gehlhausen created a children’s line for a Japanese manufacturer and retailer. In 1998 she moved to Charleston, South Carolina where she opened her first GOGA by Gordana Boutique.

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