Corky James discusses session work and writing pop music

Why does so much ‘pop’ music sound so similar? A recent discussion with Corky James helped answer that question.

Before answering this question, here’s some brief background on Corky. As noted on Corky’s website, he was born in Virginia into a household of musical parents. Thus Corky was immersed in music from as far back as he can remember, plus he picked up a guitar at the age of four or five after seeing Elvis on tv. During his youth from elementary through high school, he played in bands performing wherever he could. After deciding that college wasn’t for him, he became a full time musician playing in several cover bands in the D.C. and Baltimore areas. After moving to Los Angeles, Corky continued to play touring with a number of well known acts, and then later became a session musician recording in studio on a number of songs including many hits and Grammy nominated songs. His discography includes Avril Lavigne, Cock Robin, Hillary Duff, John Hiatt, Katy Perry, Jordin Sparks, Kelly Clarkson, Meat Loaf, Liz Phair and many others.

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