The Koffeehouse story of serving Los Angeles great music

From all over the country and world, musicians come to Los Angeles because this is where so much of the music business in the world is done. Unfortunately though, unless performers are already established, Los Angeles is a difficult place to launch a music career. Since the talent level is so high, the competition is intense. Attracting an audience and building a fan base can be especially challenging for new performers in LA since, at so many venues, a pay-to-play model is often used where either performers meet a minimum amount of ticket sales at the door or pay the short fall out of their own pockets. This model can not only be expensive, it can be demoralizing. Moreover, if you’re not a musician and simply want to go out to listen to good undiscovered music, Los Angeles can be very hit-or-miss. Fortunately, there’s a growing grassroots organization, Koffeehouse Music serving up just what Los Angeles needs to solve these problems for both up and coming musicians and patrons.

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